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New Dandy Mart / About Us

The word “Dandy” has been taken from one of the southeast suburb of Melbourne called Dandenong which has been identified as one of the most multicultural suburb in Melbourne mostly populated with Hazara Afghan communities. I came to Australia in late 2009 by boat to Christmas Island and was granted PR in early 2010.

I have always dreamed to run my own business and pay back to Australian community because Australia has given me and to so many other refugees new life and shelter. I have been struggling for work for the first few years because my confidence, my dream and my struggle always kept me with full energy. I was so delighted by the big brands like, Kmart,

A-mart, Coles, Woollies and much more. I was very patient to have my own brand specially in a country like Australia where opportunities are found everywhere. Australia is a land of opportunities and lucky. Only lucky people can get in to a country like Australia.

I was always thinking of an opening my own Brand, and I decided if I open one day it would be named as DANDY MART which will connect the word “Dandy” means “A FASHIONABLE MAN” or as an adjective it means “EXCELLENT” And of course, “Mart” means ‘MARKET” or “TRADE CENTRE”

I knew my business was going to be much smaller than the brands I have mentioned above, but I have never been hopeless to say that I could make it much bigger & better than Kmart and other brands.

Finally, Dandy Mart was opened in 2011 for the first time with very minimum stock level & limited suppliers. It took for us quite long to find the right customers and get good name in the society, so the customers could trust us. due to our customer service, cleanliness, variety of stock and hard working. In 2012 I opened the second branch of Dandy Mart Hampton park, which was bigger than the first ones and we called in Dandy Mart Hampton Park and in
2015 I opened another branch in Lalor, north Melbourne and it’s called Dandy Mart Lalor. So now we have 3 branches under my management, It was not an easy step, only i know what i have been through and how hard did i work to achieve these branches but I am still committed, hopeful and energetic. I am working on making it bigger in the future so serve Australian people, different communities and of course to be an Australian businessman.